Prevent High Altitude Sickness

Sick Face
In previous years we have had several campers and volunteers develop high altitude symptoms.  They had severe headaches, nausea and extreme fatigue.  Please take some precautions so you will feel “up to par”.  Remember to do the following:
  1. Start drinking a lot of water about 5 days before you depart.
  2. Take as many naps as possible the week prior to your departure.
  3. If you have a tendency to get car sick, air sick, or just a dull headache when you travel, Bonine, 25mg, is excellent.  It can be bought over the counter and it is chewable.  The effects of one tablet last for 24 hours and there are relatively no side effects. (For best results, you need to chew it before your symptoms occur.)
  4. Also, if you have a tendency to get high altitude headaches, you may wish to get a prescription of Diamox, 250mg. from your physician and take one in the morning and one in the evening for 3 days before you leave on your trip and 2 days after you arrive. (This is optional)
  5. Always wear sunglasses, sunscreen and a cap whenever you are outside.

Continue to drink plenty of water while you are at camp.  WE WILL BE CARRYING BOTTLES OF WATER WITH US EVERYWHERE.

FYI - Thyroid & Cortisol Levels

Research has shown the high altitude can effect cortisol levels and thyroid levels. Not all people are effected, yet if you tend to get altitude sickness, you might want to check out this article and talk to your doctor about precautions to take.

If you are currently taking prednisone, please talk to your doctor about slightly increasing your dose while in the mountains.

Article Click Here


What to bring:

Airplane If you are flying, please pack everything in ONE bag!

Please remember, there are prohibited items for Carry-On:

All Liquids and gels which you carry on must be travel size, 3 ounces or less. They must fit comfortably in ONE quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag.

You may bring prescription liquid medications, baby formula and diabetic glucose treatments in excess of 3 ounces if these items are declared to Transportation Security Officers at the security checkpoint.

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