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If you have anything you would like to share.... a song, a poem, a photo...

We have not announced this page in the last few years. Perhaps we will get it updated one of these days! In the meantime, enjoy your visit here.

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"What Matters Most"

Song at the beginning of the Hoe-Down.

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"For God So Loved The World"

This was written by Daniel Reeves, composer, and was shared at Monday Night Live talent show, 2014.

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Jay Hubbard ...

would like to share his blog on
word history research.

Also, for those of you who enjoy posting on forums or blogs, Jay says this avenue has given him a place to dialogue and make a few extra cents along the way.

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Glorious Vessels

Potter Devotional Info - 2016

Darlene Eason, Glorious Vessels



Fin & Nessi Devotional - "Sharing God's Light" (2013).
If you would like a DVD, please let Traci know.


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